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"We work closely with our customers to ensure they are getting what they want, and need, and great value for their investment. MRFM's business is to provide competitive business solutions, not just products."

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Business Processing Mapping


What Is Business Process Mapping?

Business Process Mapping (BPM) is a method used to model existing business processes using analysis-level dynamic modelling techniques. Business Process Modelling has become a core competency for anyone involved in managing or influencing change. Whether the initiative is towards winning quality Awards, Business Process Re-engineering, ISO 9000, or just simply interested in documenting and improving the ways they do things.

XSOL Mapping

XSOL Mapping allows processes to be mapped via a graphical user interface, then published to your Intranet or other document formats. Details of the "how, who and what" of the process are captured through an interactive review that allows discussion and documentation to take place at the same time.

XSOL provides the ease of spreadsheet functionality in an enterprise application, with a high-level business model that provides a top-down definition of the business and a flexible approach to creating and maintaining business systems.

XSOL Mapping uses a scalable, adaptable architecture that uses generic business terminology and that allows organisations to capture and define a business's unique system processes and publish them quickly with a professional look and format.

XSOL Mapping generates an ESL Model, imprinting it with the information relevant to the process at hand. XSOL Mapping capture more detailed specifications and relationships between the data and applications that are used and enables customers to build a foundation for automated business process, freeing them from the constraints of packaged Enterprise application products, but also working with them. Please click here for more information on XSOL products.








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